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Our cashew nut manufacturing process part 8!

Today we will explain how the processes of: manual peeling, oil roasting, dry roasting and the second stage of centrifugation take place.

In last week's post we stopped at the part where the manual selection process took place, so the next step will be the manual peeling or scraping. This process consists of removing the small points of testa still adhered to the cashew nut kernel, through the use of stilettos (small sharp blades), without the surface of the product being affected by cuts or scratches. The kernels that have the testa very adhered are scraped manually and go through a separation between: W1, W5, pieces (P), butts (B) and splits (S).

The whole kernels and pieces go to the oil roasting, where they are roasted, separately, in a fryer with cotton oil. The kernels are placed into the fryer inside of baskets and are submerged in oil for 6 to 9 minutes, depending on the type of kernel, and the temperature is from 100 up to 120°C. Then, the baskets with the roasted kernels are removed from the fryer and placed on a support attached to the equipment, afterwards they are transferred to a table next to the fryer to drain the excess oil. At this stage, a sample of the oil used is collected daily to check the saturation. The granulated kernels, including the flour, and the whole kernels can also be dry roasted (baked) in a circular plate oven, gas-fired, depending on the customer's request. The temperature and time of the process varies according to the product:

  • Granulated: minimum of 6 minutes at a temperature above 80°C;

  • Whole kernels: minimum of 3,5 minutes at a temperature above 80°C.

After the oil or dry roasting, the kernels are placed in the centrifuge basket, and are centrifuged for 10 seconds (in the case of the kernels that will be salted) or 15 seconds (in the case of the kernels that will not receive salt), at a rotation of 1700 rpm, to remove the excess oil. In the case of roasted and salted kernels, they will spend less time in the centrifuge to facilitate the adherence of the salt to the kernels surface, in the stage of ingredient addition.

With this we finished this week's post, we will see each other again in the next post where we will enter the final stages of our productive process. See you there!

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