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How do we, at Onvit, export our cashew nut kernels?

In this post we will talk about our export process. For exemple: To where we have already exported and which details are important at the time of execution.

Onvit has been exporting cashew nuts for more than two years now, so we can say that we are inserted in almost every continent of the globe, more specifically in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Netherlands, Italy, United States, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, etc. We use 20' (feet) dry box and standard food containers for the transportation of our cargos. In this type of container it is possible to fit up to 700 boxes of 22,68kg (if you don't know our packages yet, take a look at our page here on our website to have a better idea). So in total, the container has 15,876.00 kg of net weight.

But if your company is small and has no demand for all of these weight, do not worry, our minimum order for export is 1 pallet, containing 48 boxes of 22.68kg, summing up 1,088.64kg in total. Generally we accept orders for closed containers (FCL - Full Container Load) from 350 boxes, the equivalent of half a container.

One important detail is that if you want several different cashew nuts classifications, we can make a mix container or a mix pallet, depending on your needs. In the case of the mix container it is possible to organize it as follows, for example: 100 boxes of W-240, 200 boxes of SSP-1 and 400 boxes of S-1, thus summing up 700 boxes. So feel free to order as many boxes as you want from your preferred classification, but at the end the sum of all the boxes needs to reach 350 or more, so that it' s possible to close a container with your order.

It is also worth noting that certain cashew nut classifications (mainly Whole, such as SLW-180, W-210, W-240, W-320 and W1-Mix) take longer to produce, about a month or so, so plan to order in advance if you feel your stock will run out soon.

In the next post we will continue commenting on our export process, so stay tuned. See you later!

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