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Continuation of our export process!

Hello again dear 5 readers! In today's post we will talk about the importance of exportation and how it helps the rural producers and the trade balance of Brazil.

Did you know that according to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) in 2019 agrobusiness was responsible for 43.2% of Brazil's exports? This means that exports of production and under-production of products derived from agriculture and livestock correspond to almost half of our positive trade balance (total value of exports subtracted from the total value of imports). Thus, this number reflects directly on the rural producers who contribute to our supply chain, and are responsible for starting this whole process.

That's why we at Onvit pay special attention on helping the rural producers, so we can have raw materials (raw cashew nuts) of quality and in sufficient quantity to meet the demand of our exports orders. We understand that all processes are interconnected, and that the maintenance of an excellent supply chain is fundamental to continue growing and reaching new levels.

Thus, we provide to the producers a manual with important and relevant information about the management, common diseases and cultivation of the cashew trees, so they can be well informed and take care of the harvest in the best possible way. We also show them how important export is to maintain a continuous flow of production and bring more resources back to the Brazilian economy.

Taking all this information into consideration, we at Onvit want to ensure safety for our importer, which is why we are constantly obtaining new international certifications to meet all the requirements demanded by our partners.

Moreover, we remain at your disposal for any questions and doubts that may arise, we want to ensure that our customers are aware of our supply chain transparency and see how we strive to provide safe and quality food for all.

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